Challenge #23

I've been sick lately. I still am, but I refuse to jump ship!  So I decided to use my current aches and pains as inspiration to us all.  
This weeks challenge...

Challenge #23
Sick, ill, or green at the gills!

However you want to call it, let one of our dear brethren of pirates come down with it or have to deal with it. 
Misery loves company Aye? Well, let's just see!

Remember to keep to the code! And if your new or even an old member that has been around a bit our code has been updated and modified, must keep up with the times Aye? So check them out.  

Anyways its off to bed with me!
But not without me Rum I say!
Cheers maties!
Captain Gypsyluv  

Bon Bon

A'Hoy Maties!!
How have you all been??
GREAT I hope!
I just wanted to share this with you all, Its for our wonderful captian!!
Hugs you tight and I hope you all Like!
Especially you, Captian!!

Bon Bon 

Red Carpet Viggo

Hello, again!!!
I also wanted to post this...
Mum did this one the other night, She said hasnt there just so many beautiful photos of Viggo
on the Red Carpet over the last month or so, and she just had to "Try" and draw one!
So, here he is at the SAGS!


Mum said to say it was so hard to try and do him minus his "trademark" scar and chin
as he has his beard for his role as Papa in "The Road"
But thinks that he came up good.
(personally, I love it)
Hope you all like it


Hey Guys!!
I've got some cool news!!
Well, as you all know mums recovering from her operation, she is slowly able to do more each day;
still too much too quickly if you ask me, but anyway!!
On Friday night my aunt came over to see mum
(lol my aunt who what the same operation as mum 4weeks before her)
(The show was an art show for all forms of art work, pencil sketches, photos, paintings and dolls)
Mum was um-ing and ah-ing over it for a while now but when Auntie Ro came and said Laura (my cousin) was entering she photographs,
she thought "what the hell" signed the form and framed the sketches.

On the Saturday at the show mum was shocked to see what happened...


Jack Sparrow




 At home after the show

Mum is still shocked that she won first and third as there were so many great works of art!
(oh and Laura won First, Second and Third for her photographs in her age group)


Hugs to all


~Jealousy Among Pirates~ Challenge #22

~Jealously Among Pirates~

Author: gypsyluv

Challenge # 22 “As you wish”

Word Count: 700

Pairing/Characters: Orlando, Johnny, Keith   No real slash but hints of it.

Warnings/Ratings:  Real Person, slight slash (very slight), Angst

Disclaimer:  (God I get tired of writing this.) Never happened, Don’t know any of them, Wish I did, Only Fantasy, Get of my back!

Authors Notes: If you have the extended DVD and watched all the extras, surely you noticed the flirting coming from Keith and Johnny’s school girl attitude... Or did I just dream it!  Anyways... been wanting to do a little bit about it sooooooooo…..


Collapse )
Hugs n Love!
Captain Gypsyluv!

Challenge #22

 Here it is Febuary of 2008 already and this is my very first challenge post of the year. 
*Hangs head in sorrow*  
Lets see if we can't get some sorta ball rolling here Aye?

For this challenge I am using a line from one of my favorite movies.
The Princess Bride
Challenge # 22
~ As you wish. ~

And for those deprived few that have never seen the film,  here is a script of the sceen in which that line is used.  
And remember that you can use the challenge words in whatever context you want, it does not have to relate to this sceen in any way if don't want it to.  Also remember that you are free to write in RP (Real person, ie.. Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom ect...) or FP (Fictional Person, ie... Jack Sparrow, Will Turner ect...) or any other form you can dream up too.  

Collapse )

Now go forth and create! 
But mind the ships code! 
That's an order!
Your silly nostalgic,
Captain Gypsyluv

For The Captian!!!!

Hey Guys!!!
I have not one but TWO small prezzies for our Captian today!!!
Now I know that they arent "Pirate-y" but as they
are still Johnny, I thought ou wont mind me posting them here!!!
Thank you Carla, for your friendship
and I hope you like these
Hugs and Kisses




Click on Pic to enlarge

Farwell ~ challenge 21 response by sagaluthien

 Saga darlin' I hope this is ok with you! 
sagaluthien  wrote this gorgeous little drabble/ficlet.
You all have to read this one if you haven't already.  She posted it in a comment to my last challenge and I for one loved it totaly!  I wanted you to all see if sooooo  I decided to post it here.   (forgive my forwardness Saga love, if you want I will take it down.. *hugs you*)  

» Farwell 1/1
TITLE: Farewell
AUTHOR: Saga 'sagaluthien' Chriztine
PAIRING: Legolas Greenleaf/William Turner
GENRE: Slash or het (in one way…)
BETA: Annie
NOTES: This is set to my special universe where Legolas is an elf from two different elf races. If you want to learn to know this Legolas please read my story Legolas and Robin, the story with this pairing and a sequel to the already mentioned, Deceiving Creature, still not finished. This story should be the last side story that of all I will write with this paring (as of now).
DISCLAIMER: I don't own these characters, nor am I making any money from them. I merely borrow them from time to time.

You find it here; http://sagas-stories.livejournal.com/56596.html 

Be sure if you comment there to let her know you found it here!  
Now look lively crew!
Captain Gypsyluv

Challenge #21

This challenge was inspired by the wonderful gift posted for me here from Emily and Karen. Karen is a fantabulous artist if you didn't already know that, and graces, no spoiles me with gorgeous drawings of mouth wateringly sexy men from time to time.  The most recent was of Sean Bean whom if you didn't know plays Boromir in Lord of the Rings.  (If you didn't know that.. you are soooooooo deprived and I might make you walk the plank if you don't watch it emidiately!)  

Seeing Sean on my pirates community made me want to read some cross-over fic.  Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...

POTC/LOTR   RPS or FPS, Gen, Het, MPreg, whatever, all welcome!  
I do hope we get some response on this one, I'd love to read it.  
Any questions just ask me here or email me at (muddkitty @ sbcglobal .net). 

Remeber to follow the code!  
You will have at the very least 2 weeks for this challenge, but you know me.. probably longer!
And you are also welcome to post anything from past challenges at anytime!  

Now off your arses, houst your colors and sail your ships! 
Happy writing to all!
Your over worked and under paid Captain,