Gypsyluv (gypsyluv) wrote in pirates_500,

Your Captain is passing the hat ... as it where!

Yes.. that is correct. I, Captain Gypsyluv am passing the Captains hat to my first, the honorable lancelot_luv05.
This decision didn't come without allot of thought and a bit of regret too.
I've worked for quite sometime now to get this community and its sister com round_table500, up and actively running.
I feel I have failed in that conquest, but that is not the only reasoning for my resignation.

There is, of course, my RL. I find I have been spending far too much "family time" away from my family  and on the computer.
I have been attempting to rectify that and in the doing so I sat down and really looked at my online time and how I have been spending it.
I have other interests now that a year ago weren't so important to me.  I've come to the conclusion that in oder to spend my online time, demised now that it is, doing the things I really enjoy most, then I must cut out the things that either I don't enjoy or aren't going anywhere.  
This community would definitely have been one of those things I really enjoyed, if it was active... but posting prompts to no response over and over is very disconcerting.

Please I don't want any of my dear friends to feel this is your fault.. I'm not bitching and I'm certainly not blaming! I love you all whether you post or not!
I just feel it's time I moved on.. I've changed and ... well... I've changed. 

I do hope you will all stay..  welcome Liz ( lancelot_luv05) as the new Captain and continue on.
Most of you know me from elsewhere so I will definitely be around!

I'm not leaving the community... just going non active as it where.
You may see my head poke up from time to time, who knows which way the wind will blow us yeah?

I wish you all love, happiness and all the pirate booty you can handle!


* bows out and throws hat to Liz*

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