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Challenge #24

 Ok, I decided to post a new challenge. Remeber the old one or any others before are open for responding to at anytime. Just be sure to put the challenge # plus your title in the subject line of your posts. 
For all other rules read our CODE

Challenge #24
This ones song lyrics by one of my favorite singers. 

They don't know how I used to sail the deep and tranquil seas
But he washed me ashore
And he took my pearl
And left an empty
Shell of me

from ~Sullen Girl~ 
Album ~Tidal~
By Fiona Apple

Remember, doesn't have to be FP, can be RP.  Any questions or comments just leave them adrift here in a bottle and your captain will be awaiting them.

Drink me hearties,
and spin me a yarn!
Captain Gypsyluv

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