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AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT ~ gypsyluv ~ "The Cabin" ~ Part One of One ~ May 4, 2007

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AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT ~ gypsyluv ~ "The Cabin" ~ Part One of One ~ Original Post Date: May 4, 2007

The following is a recap and discussion of the fic and comments of:
"The Cabin" - by gypsyluv

Major Spoilers Follow!


gypsyluv, born July 25, 1972, lives in Oklahoma, USA

Taken from her userinfo: I am a cook who in my spare time is an artist. I do handbuilt and wheel thrown pottery. I've just started writing slash fanfics and am in love with drabbling, hence the reason for this journal. I also do photo manipulations! I am a new mommie to a beautiful baby boy and an old mommie to 4 adorable Cats! I love slash fiction! Some of my favorite boys are Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortensen, Eric Bana, Mads Mikkelsen, Ioan Gruffudd, Clive Owen, Jared Leto, Chris Cornell, Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGreggor, and loads of other cuties I just can't think of right now! And I've had a rather long *ever sense I was a teeny bopper obsession with Johnny Depp, the sexiest man Alive! And my husband's very jealous, as he should be!
LJ'ing since August 13, 2005.

Email: muddkitty @ sbcglobal . net

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Known for titles, but not limited to:
The Clinic~
Author: gypsyluv
Word Count: 590
Challenge: Fall drabble challenge #10 at adult_orlando
Pairing: ViggOrli (Viggo Mortensen/Orlando Bloom)
Warning: RPS, Slash M/M relationship

The Late Night Phone Call~
Author: gypsyluv
Fandom: RPS
Character/Pairing: Jorli Johnny Depp/Orlando Bloom
Warnings: Song fic, RPS, Slash... as always!


here for this fiction!

Go read the story! What are you waiting for! There will be lots and lots of room for comments, questions and discussions so I hope you have as much fun with this as I have...

Ready to go to Spotlight?!

The Cabin (click the title to read the fiction)
Author: gypsyluv
Character: Jorli (Johnny Depp/Orlando Bloom)
fall drabble challenge #11 at adult_orlando
Word Count: 660 (way too much!)
Warnings: RPS, Slash, NC17.. I think..
Disclaimer: Don't own nothing or no one, just like to make them play together.
Authors Notes: I'm sorry this is so long... for a drabble....

Questions to the Author!

First I want to say I'm sorry its taken me so long to respond to this.. I've been a bit busy with real life stuff. (JO ~ ah, you were fast enough... see I'm only just able to post it now!) I also want to say I am flattered, even though it is a random thing I have never had this sorta thing happen. I wasn't real sure what you wanted me to do so I hope you at least get what you need from this.

Anyway.. the thing lancelot_luv05 and I own together is the two drabble communities roundtable_500 and pirates_500 (which are almost dead in the water... need new active members! They are both bi~weekly challenge communities.)

ok.. so on to the Q&A

1. Devious Johnny! How long have you been a fan of these fellows?

I have been a fan of Johnny's since I was a teeny bopper.. 21 JumpStreet Days as a matter of fact! Have been in love with him ever since! Love his movies.. He has developed into an amazing actor so he has my respect as well as my love! And Orlando, well, who doesn't love him. I've followed him from Lord of the Rings as the beautiful blond Legolas all the way through everyone of his movies to date! I feel he has also grown into a talented actor. Having being testimony to that!

As a pairing well, speaks for itself.. We have Disney to thank for that bit of obsession! They are my OTP! My one true pairing! Though I write others.

2. Did you write Johnny's character as Jack Sparrow to help keep his facade until the end of the story?

I suppose I did. I watched a special on Johnny on TV one day and a friend of Johnny's was saying (and I've heard Orlando say the same in interviews) that Johnny doesn't like to break character once he starts into it all. The friend had said when Johnny was filming Ed Wood (one of his many collaborations with director Tim Burton) that Johnny constantly had that strange smile on his face even when they had went out to dinner and he spoke to the waiter. So this idea of him not being able to drop character or being reluctant to do so is more like it sorta fasinated me. So I do love to use Jack alot when I'm writing Johnny. I would think he would use him to his advantage, which was certainly so in this short little ficlet.

3. Not too many people write Johnny as Johnny Depp ~ minus his J.S. persona. Do you think his mysteriousness affects that?

I think Jack is part of Johnny. I think, seeing him in and reading countless interviews before and after Pirates that Jack has effected Johnny! He has said that all his characters have something of himself in them, so I think he created Jack from part of himself and then of course Jack took on a life of his own. But in the doing so I believe that the Jack character has had a very strong and lasting, maybe permanent effect on Johnny. So much so that his devout fans can't seem to sieve on from the other anymore. His appearance has changed and everything since Jack. Jack Sparrow has definately made his mark on Johnny Depp!

4. Do you prefer challenges over just pumping out regular fics?

I do prefer challenges. They give my chaotic mind focus. I have ideas, and sometimes they turn into something I can be proud of, ie... "Jack's Secret aka A Fish Tale". (shameless plug sorry) (Jo ~ Hey! Anytime!)
But challenges keep me working. They can turn a dry spell, or writer's block completely around. I love a challenge, be it word prompts or pictures or whatever!

5. You obviously had to keep this short challenge wise, but have you ever thought of doing an "author cut" as how you would prefer to post?

I haven't even thought of that.. but I love the idea! I have often had to edit out bits and pieces I love for word count. This would be a wonderful way to keep those little moments that to the writer mean so much! I will most definetly be doing such a thing in the future! (suppose these are just the same feelings directors get when having to watch bits and pieces of their films landing on the cutting room floor) This may start a revolution! hehe!

6. You were concerned of it's length for the challenge. Did they accept it?

They did.. I was being my worst critic there. I like keeping my drabbles under 500 words. And I like them to be at even multiples of 100, but I give myself slack. I just tend to complain about it when I don't live up to my own standards.

7. How long did it take you to actually write this fic?

About 2 hours with editing. I wrote it from start to finish in about 45 minutes. But then it was much, much longer then the finished product you see so I spent the rest of the time editing. That takes forever because it's hard to choose which words you can live without. (I want them all)

8. When J.S. is in the room, there is humour. Is that your favorite genre?

Well, I really don't have a favorite, but I do tend to fit at least a bit of humour into my writing. I find it puts the reader at ease, well it does me anyways. And I think it is my way of not taking myself or my writing too seriously. It's all just a bit of silliness really.. hehe..

Okay so .. I hope that is kind of what you wanted. (Jo ~ It was perfect. I hope we can convince you to contribute again someday!) I do tend to bable so I'm a sorry if my answers were far too long and winded at times. (Jo ~ Nah! We love babblers! Babblers are the best!!!) Please feel free to edit them as you wish! (Jo ~ Nope. We get to "see" the real writer in the answers, they'd be mine if I did that.)

Thanks again ... I truly am flattered that you took the time to do this!


Oh, gosh, it was my pleasure. I've been having so much fun being able to get to know the writers a little better. We see all these fics out here, but nothing that really focusses on what is behind them. I'm just glad you were kind enough to reply! Thanks again... and don't be a stranger. Drop by the Forum anytime... even if it is to pimp some of your work and to show us some of your manips too. We LOVE Pretty man pictures here at the forum. :P *g*


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