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The "New" Pirates 500 "Code"

The Pirates of the Caribbean Drabble Archive

pirates_500 Jack

The "New" Pirates 500 "Code"

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I recently rewrote the "Code" and even made a spiffy new graphic for it in the userinfo page. After doing so it dawned on me that I should post the new "Code" here aswell for those of use whose eyesight has seen better days.

1. Respect everyone. Flamers and disrespectful folks will not be tollerated. You break this rule and you will be made to walk the plank and be branded as such.

2. No posting of anything other than fiction responses to one of our challenges. If you want to address the community for any other reason, please ask on of us first. You'll find we are most cooperative.

3. Put all forms of fiction under a lj cut. If you don't know how to do this go here.  
If you still don't understand how to do it, then just comment here or email me at muddkitty @ sbcglobal .net (minus the spaces).

4. You may post a response to any of our past challenges at any time. All I ask is that you label accordingly in your subject line. Just state the title of your piece and the challenge # you are responding to.

5. If you have a ficlet over 600 words, or a fic of length, even epic, you may post it here too, or link to where you have it posted, be that your personal journal or another community. You also do not have to make your challenge responses be an exact # of words. Example: It doesn't have to be exactly 100 words, 132, 176, or 1047 ect. is perfectly fine.

6. Absolutely no under age sexual description or pairings. Mentions of past sexual abuse for character development and or plot development is acceptable, but keep it discreet, for obvious reasons.

7. No WIP's (unfinished fics). If it is a multy chapter piece put links to ALL chapters in one single post please. I don't want to be mean, I just like a tidy ship that is easy to navigate.

8. Do not tag you posts. I will go back and do this myself.

9. Label all fiction according to this form:
The title of you piece and the challenge # you are responding to only.
Challenge #:
Word Count/Type of fic: (If its a drabble just the word count is fine, other fics just describe if its a ficlet, multy chapter fic or Epic)
Warnings/Ratings: (Slash, Het, Mpreg, Rape, Torture, Incest, ect. We are all adults but not all of us are offended by the same things.)
Authors Notes: (This is where you put a summary or whatever you want to say about your piece of fiction.)

Also if you are new (or have never posted) please feel free to introduce yourself when you post your response. I also don't mind a bit of chatter when you post your pieces too, just keep it from becoming a diary entry.

10. Most importantly, have fun and happy writing!

Well there you have it. Feel free to comment with questions of suggestions. If you don't feel comfortable commenting here then email me at muddkitty @ sbcglobal .net (minus the spaces).

Now go write!
Captains Oders!
  • misspelling...

    I noticed this; 7. No WIP's (unfinished fics). If it is a multy chapter piece put links to ALL chapters in one single post please. I don't want to de mean, I just like a tidy ship that is easy to navigate.
  • Re: misspelling...

    keep in mind a lot of the time when we do these posts its really late at night for both of us after long day at work we try and catch all of the mistakes but we don't always do so. but thanks for letting us know
  • Re: misspelling...

    hehe.. Thanks Saga! I'm surprised that is all you found! Thanks for pointing it out. hehe.. I reread this like four times but didn't do a spell check. Liz is right.. my poor tired brain was just barely working on me when I posted.. hehe.. But thanks, I am appricative of you good eye! Being as I'm gonna be using this post to link to I want it to be right!

    Hugs you!
    • Re: misspelling...

      It probably was the only one I did see as I'm not the best to see how to spell all the time. Both because of being Swedish and has a mild dylexia. I know fully well how it can be when you have a hurry and also is tired. I think the spellcheck program is the best (at least to noticed about the biggest errors).
      I'm greatful when others noticed when I do them so thats why I made you see it.
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